01. Rap music often simply exaggerates the normal [rhythm] of spoken English.
02. The baby was soothed by the quiet [rhythmic] sound of his mother's heartbeat.
03. The crowd moved [rhythmically] to the sound of the drums.
04. Santana's music is an interesting blend of Latin [rhythms] with guitar-based rock n' roll.
05. My granddaughter is in a music class for small children where they learn to tap little drums to the [rhythm] of simple melodies.
06. The children were jumping around in time to the thumping reggae [rhythm].
07. The [rhythm] of his heart is quite irregular; I'm afraid he might have a heart attack.
08. Scientists have discovered that the world's population of grasshoppers tends to rise and fall [rhythmically] in 9.2-year cycles.
09. The sound of the waves was a gentle [rhythm] that relaxed me, and quickly put me to sleep.
10. The crickets beat the [rhythm] with their legs while the frogs sang, and the bumblebees danced with the woodbugs.
11. Tai chi is a series of movements done in a [rhythmic] pattern.
12. In the traditional music of Kenya, different instruments play in different [rhythms] at the same time.
13. The soca music of Barbados blends soul with calypso, making a dance music with bold [rhythms].
14. The steel band music of Trinidad and Tobago is an infectious musical [rhythm] with a strong beat, and notes similar to American jazz.
15. Afro-pop is a style of music combining the complex African [rhythms] with electric guitars and other modern instruments.
16. Drums have long been used in Burundi both as [rhythm] instruments, and as a symbol of power and prestige.
17. Plato once said that beauty of style and harmony and grace and good [rhythm] depend on simplicity.
18. Jazz music is a mixture of complex [rhythms] and melodies.
19. French secular music of the fourteenth century is remarkable for its [rhythmic] flexibility.

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